The two deserted islands in Sunda Strait, into alternative vacation for local communities of Banten and surroundings. Both of this islands named Pulo Merak Kecil (Small Merak Island) and Pulo Merak Besar (Great Merak Island).

From Jakarta, you can exit the Merak highway, then you take the road Cikuasa Bawah. When you get to the Pulomerak Police station, you can enter through the side gate with a sign that read “Pantai Mabak”. You can easily find the fishermen who rents out his bout to take you to Small Merak Island with the fee cost 10,000 IDR and to Great Merak Island is 20,000 IDR per person, for shuttle fare.

The trip to Small Merak Island only 5 minutes. While heading Great Merak Island takes about 15 minutes trip on boat.
For the shore of the two deserted islands, tourist can see the spacious ocean water crossing Sunda Strait and activities at the port of Merak. But for tourists, there is no venue and homestay or electricity in this islands. Because the island is pristine and unoccupied. So visitors are expected to bring their own food and prohibited from littering.

Small Merak Island itself has an area of 4.6 hectares with white rocky sand, calm waves were visible. So that the visitors can play with calm water on the island that goes into Mekarsari Village, Pulomerak District of Cilegon City.

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