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    Gosong Island - Tiny and Beautiful Island in Jakarta

    Travel destinations of Harapan Island in Thousand Islands, which is not to be missed is the "Gosong" Island. The tiny island of a pile of white sand is located not far from Perak Island. Although empty, this island is also not covered a single plant. "Gosong" Island became a favorite stopover for tourists who come to the Perak Island. Because the pretty white sand on the island, "Gosong" Island is looked very fascinating when the arms are in the blue water. As a result, "Gosong" Island is becoming favorite spot of tourists to take pictures. Not infrequently, they just stop by to enjoy the beautiful scenery visible from the tiny island. Because of the height of tourist that visit in this island, occasionally you'll find people from Perak Island who sell drinks at "Gosong" Island.

    Heat from the sun on the "Gosong" Island is felt stung enough, because no single trees or buildings which make shade. So, you should not be linger there. Because, like the name of the island, your skin will be scorched by the sun ("Gosong" in English means "scorched" or "singed"). Unfortunately, "Gosong" Island can only be visited when the sea water receded middle. Because the mounds of gorgeous white sand will sink and invisible if seawater middle tide.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    I am an Indonesia, but how come I didn't know there is such a beauty here?

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