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    Mbaho Gamira Waterfall - Beauty Buried of Natual Tourism in Gunungsitoli

    Source: rri.co.id

    Mbaho Gamira Waterfall is a pearl buried, no other strand of this word is perfect to start the story of the existence and the beauty of this waterfall. Mbaho Gamira is a valley of waterfall that located in the village of Fadoro Hilimbowo, Gunungsitoli Alo'oa District, Gunungsitoli. The charm of this waterfall is not known to many people, and even the local residents that have been 40 years old do not inhabit this forest. Those who live in the area still do not know about the existence of this tourist charm. To reach the waterfall is not easy, because it is in the middle of the wilderness area of ​​the Fadoro Hilimbowo Village. It is difficult to access this location because there is no choice of routes to reach the waterfall.

    According to Yohanes Giawa, Founder of Nature Lovers Community "Tapak Kaki", the trip can be started from the back of one post of Health Services in the Fadoro Hilimbowo Village, from the Town to the Gunungsitoli Alo'oa District. The closest access through the back of it is a health post, then walk nearly 20 minutes of journey. Yohanes Giawa, said the waterfall is very suitable for those who like to travel while trekking for the path to the location of the waterfall must cross the river and through the woods wilderness. Therefore, a waterfall tour this one different from the others.

    The beauty of Mbaho Gamira Waterfall, continued Giawa, is very specific that must traverse the woods, down the son of a hill, the river edge, through the alleys of stone under a flowing stream of water that is quite slippery, and many find the climb steep and narrow, where is a height of only five meters. There are no plastic waste or waste from human possessions in the area of ​​this waterfall. There is only the leaves that fall and tree branches. There is also a large fallen tree trunks, so that it can be said Mbaho Gamira Waterfall is still not been touched.

    Cleanliness and authenticity Niagara Mbaho Gamira is still awake. Its position is at an altitude making tourists who want to see the high cliffs and the curve of the rocks are very beautiful, it's here. Coolness and fresh air can definitely be felt here. Mbaho Gamira Waterfall has a height of almost 50 meters, but before the tourists arrived, it can be found 5 meters high of many cascades

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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