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    Cheap Shopping In Beringharjo Jogja

    When you walk into jogja, would not be complete if not shopping for souvenirs. Ranging from clothing, food, crafts and others. As a tourist city, jogja certainly has a lot of places or shopping centers are attractive. One is Beringharjo.

    The traditional market located malioboro region. Many travelers and tourists who shop for souvenirs Beringharjo market. Prices of clothing and souvenirs tend to be skewed, depending on your bargaining Yes. If you panda bargaining, can be very cheap.

    Based on the map Sultan Palace in 1765, this market was once the location of vacant land on dry land, with a number of hamlets around it. At that time, Beringharjo not a market with a permanent building. While based on the map in 1876 has revealed market building in the form los elongated north-south direction with a road to the west (now Jl. Malioboro-Jend. A. Yani).

    There are many types of clothes sold in beringhajo, ranging from modern clothing, batik, to traditional fashion, and more. As for the other equipment such as shoes, bags, slippers, and many more.


    There are plenty of transport to get to the location, if you are from out of town and not mengguanakan private vehicles. You can use public facilities such as train and you can get off at the station Tugu Jogja. And from the station you can walk to the market beringhajo. With a distance of approximately 500-800 meters.

    Additionally, you can also use a taxi or rickshaw. If you do not get off at the monument, you can use other public facilities such as trans jogja and the cost is relatively cheap. As for the path to malioboro, you can ask the clerk trans jogja.


    The market began to open around 05.00 and officially closes at 17:00 pm. But the pulse of the market does not necessarily die, because from 18:00 to midnight, there are usually warm sellers ahead of the market which also offers a variant kikil and stir-stir.
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