Bogor is one town area in West Java. Bogor has many tours of waterfalls, one of which is Curug Nangka ("Curug" is Javanese language that has meaning of "waterfall"). Although it is not too large, this waterfall remains a tourist attraction worth visiting because it offers natural atmosphere fresh and beautiful. Curug Nangka is surrounded of pine forest, so the air around it tasted very fresh. The location of this waterfall is at the foot of Mount Salak, precisely in Sukajadi village, Tamansari Sub-district, Bogor regency.

Curug Nangka is in an ecotourism that has developed into one of the nuanced nature of alternative tourism in Bogor. In the area of ​​ecotourism, we can do something interesting, for example trying attractions of flying fox. Meanwhile, to get the location of the waterfall, we had been trekking for a few minutes past to the footpath between the pine forest. But, you must be careful when you trek to this waterfall path, because you may be meet with wild monkeys as they walk down to the location of the waterfall.

In the ​​ecotourism area of Curug Nangka, there is not just one waterfall alone. Besides the main waterfall, there are still two other waterfalls, Curug Daun and Curug Kawung. Main point itself is the closest to the entrance. The distance between one waterfall to another waterfall is about 1 km.

Curug Nangka has a water debit that is not too high. The water fell into a pile of stones below for further flows into a small river stones. This waterfall is not the type of waterfall for swimming or soaking, because there is not pool underneath of this waterfall that allows for that activity. However, natural atmosphere that exists around the waterfall makes it be an ideal place to eliminate fatigue. Taking pictures while enjoying the beauty of nature will be an interesting activity that we can do around Curug Nangka.

Perhaps, the name Curug Nangka is not as famous waterfall-another waterfall in Bogor like Curug Bidadari (Angel Waterfall) or Curug Luhur. However, Curug Nangka would be an alternative beautiful waterfall tourism.

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