There is a mountain in Bogor whose its existence have been not known by many people. Name of this mountain is Kencana. This mountain may be more appropriate if it's called "hill", because its height is only 1,802 meters above sea level. Even so, this mountain climbing lane is more than enough to make a sore foot. It is natural that not many people know about the existence of this mountain. Therefore, this mountain had been recently opened to the public in early 2016. Nature lovers in Bogor and its surroundings may have been first to know this place.

The location of this mountain itself is in Cisarua District, Bogor, which is famous for its Peak area. While climbing this mountain, we will be greeted by the sight of a tea plantation in all directions, as we'll get in Puncak Pass and surrounding areas. By traveling less than an hour, we are able to stand on the summit of Mt. Kencana.

Hiking and climbing activity in this mountain can be found in the tourist area of ​​Lake Colors in Cisarua. Not a lot of posts that we will meet along the hiking trail while in total there are only two. Although height is not too high, climbing activity in this mountain is still needed preparation. In the early days, we will climb on the track in front of a fairly steep. The initial track is already laid out in such a way with wood arranged into steps.

Ramp-climbs in the path climbing of this mountain looks steep climbs. There is a ramp that called "Tanjakan Sambalado". Whatever that meant. Clearly, this ramp has successfully made the climbers struggling through time. Moreover, there is no obstacle, that mean so much to reach the top. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant.

From the summit of Mt. Kencana, we can see the beautiful scenery. In the distance, there is seemed duo's most famous mountain in West Java, Gede-Pangrango. At night time, the scenery in this mountain top would look more spectacular if the weather is sunny. The altitude is 1,802 meters above sea level which only allows us to see the twinkling city lights Bogor. If the head tilted up, turns twinkling stars that will give us the beauty of Bogor.

Kencana Mountain is a very fitting for anyone - especially those domiciled in Bogor and its surroundings - to learn to climb. Its track is not too long but quite steep a fitting medium for learning.

Do not forget to always make preparations before climbing. Although it is not too high, physical and mental preparation is still needed when climbing Mt. Kencana.

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