The Kei Islands of Indonesia are in the south-eastern part of the Maluku Islands, in Maluku Province. Presenting clustered homeland belted white sand, with lush trees greenery, suddenly appeared in the middle of blue expanse ocean. From the air, Kei Islands is a perfect illustration of tropical sanctuary with a day sunshine, bright blue skies, crystal clear sea, and the beaches are deserted sound.

The islands consist of two main islands, Kei Kecil and Kei Besar. Both are in the Southeast Maluku regency, with the capital of Langgur. The islands are also called by locals Nuhu Evav or Evav Islands. Name Kei (Kai) is designation of the Dutch colonial era that survive today. In addition Kei Kecil and Besar, the other major islands are Tanimbar Kei, Kei Dulah, Dulah Laut, Kuur, Taam, and Tayandu. The natural beauty of Indonesia will never run to exploring, many regions in Indonesia which has a natural beauty that is exceedingly beautiful, one of which is Kei Islands located in Southeast Maluku, have tourism potential is exceedingly beautiful one who stole the attention namely Ngurbloat Beach.