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    The Beauty of Scenery in "Teletubbies" Hill - Wakaokili Village, Buton

    Source: travel.tribunnews.com

    Buton is an island that appear from the sea floor. This island is derived from coral reef that rise to the surface due to the earth's tectonic plates activity that lasted for millions of years. The existence of the hills and the coastal cliff of limestone has scattered throughout Buton into evidence. When you travel on towards Wakaokili Village, Pasarwajo District, Baubau, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, the expanse of rolling hills filled with a greenish color will be seen there.

    Above sea level, a layer thick of limestone thousand meters are weathered by sun and rain and wind eroded to form various kinds of objects. There are many forms of hills in Buton, starting from elongated hills, the hills with a sheer rock wall, a hill-shaped tower upright, until essentially eroded hill until shaped like mushrooms. One of the limestone formations is formed uniquely conical hills that we now know as the hill Teletubbies. The grass is only ankle provides beautiful scenery and eye-catching. For the people of Buton, the hill is called the "Teletubbies" Hill. The name of designation hill is given because the hills look like with scenery in the movie "Teletubbies" - series of children on television.

    Teletubbies Hill is located approximately 20 kilometers from the city of Baubau. Teletubbies Hill contains a lot of calcium, so large plant would be difficult to live on it. But the grass is their habitat because it can grow and develop well. In very hot dry season, the grass dries up. Friction between the grass or a bolt of lightning and thunder can cause a spark that burns the entire prairie. The remaining ash from the fire had become the new nutrients. During the rainy season, grass seeds in the wind and fell on the surface of the hill of the fire or the rest of the grass seeds that survived the fire will grow rapidly enveloping the whole surface of the hill.

    When entering the torrential rain, the air in Teletubbies Hill is very cold and foggy. The riders must slow down the pace of the vehicle when crossing the road in the hills. Teletubbies Hill is very crowded when the afternoon had seen many people passing. Many visitors who do selfie photo on the hill Teletubbies because the scenery of green hills and blue sky very nice. The visitors usually go up into the hills with the vehicle and take pictures from the top of the hill.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com , dody94.wordpress.com
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    The island is identical with the natural panorama of mountains and hills

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