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    Religious Tourism with Historical of Mary Pieta Statue in Soppeng, South Sulawesi

    Source: patainanews.com

    Soppeng, one town in South Sulawesi, has many unique attractions. Besides nature, tourists can also do traveled religion in Soppeng. One religious tourism in Soppeng is a statue of the Virgin Mary Pieta. The local priest, Pastor Emmanuel Asi 'mentions that the statue was imported directly from the Vatican in the Dutch colonial period. Virgin Mary Pieta Statue that located in the Catholic Church, Jl Samudra, Lalabata District, Soppeng, is being the proof of Catholic Christians enter volume history of Soppeng. Pieta Statue of the Virgin Mary has been in Soppeng since 1971 at which time Pastor Yomblot pioneered this church for the first time.

    Source: travel.tribunnews.com

    This glass-walled statue shows the figure of the Virgin Mary assumes Jesus that was crucified. Pieta Statue is the only one in eastern Indonesia. The statue was imported directly from the Vatican in the Dutch colonial period. The existence of the statue in Soppeng is unintentional. Pastor Emmanuel Asi said that in fact the colonial nations wanted to spread Catholicism in Bandung, but since that time Soppeng had been one of the safest and peaceful, the statue was hidden in Soppeng. Until finally Indonesia's independence, the statue was still in Soppeng. Pastor Leo Blot, CICM who brought the statue and hid in Soppeng. He was a member of the Dutch military, as well as the first to be appointed a pastor in the church.

    Source: travel.kompas.com

    Reasons the placement of Pieta Statue in Soppeng is for Christians of the Catholic minority in the town Kalong. Pedestal is useful to provide reassurance and strength to the Catholic Christian community by passing the prayers. This statue has become a cultural heritage in Soppeng. Located in Jalan Samudera No. 48, Watansoppeng statue is located in the compound of the Catholic Church of "Paroki Santa Perawan Maria Bunda Pengharapan Suci" Soppeng. Location of this church is about 20 minutes from downtown. Pieta statue itself tells the figure of the Virgin Mary, who was holding the bodies of his son, Jesus Christ that was died on the cross. This is a very great sacrifice. This uniqueness is making thousands of Catholics flocked throughout the month of May that is celebrated as a month Mariam, and October as the month of the Rosary. Local residents that coming from various religions also help provide meals to home stay for tourists.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com , travel.tribunnews.com , makassar.tribunnews.com

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    woww...................awsome place.......i like it

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    Yes this place is awesome

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