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    Green Hills in Indonesia

    A vast of spread out grass area with some trees around it will make very beautiful scenery. A place that matched the description above can be called savanna. Usually savanna is identical with places in Australia, Central America and Africa. Because there are a lot of wide savannas in those places, indirectly, savanna becomes an iconic for those countries.

    Is savanna only exist in those places? How about Indonesia? Generally savanna can be found in places with tropic or sub-tropic climate. Savannas can also be found in Indonesia because of Indonesia’s geographical location is in tropical climate. Indonesian savannas might not be as famous as those outside the country but it has a fascinating view as good as those, moreover the savannas in Indonesia have its own uniqueness.

    If you feel bored for spending your holiday on the beach or any tourism spots crowded by visitors, spending your holiday in savanna or green hill can become your alternative. You can enjoy an amazing view, fresh air because it is far from the city, and the most important thing is you can have a relaxing vacation. Indonesian’s savannas have their own uniqueness, from the scenery to the ecosystem around.

    Talking about savanna obviously we can separate it from Indonesia’s central part, which is West Nusa Tenggara Island. There is a savanna called “Savanna Sembalun” in this place. It is located on Rinjani’s mountain foot in Lombok. If you climb Rinjani in Lombok, you will be pampered by Savanna Sembalun majestic scenery. After West Nusa Tenggara, we move to East Nusa Tenggara, to Kenawa Island to be exact. It has a wide savanna and its uniqueness is you can see a lot of animal herds looking for supply in the area, for example are horses and cows.

    Now we move to Java Island. Java can be called as the paradise for savannas, because there are a lot of savannas spread in the island from west to east. There is savanna located on Papandayan Mountain in West Java. Papandayan Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in West Java. You can see green grass surround by some trees as far as your eyes see in this savanna. Not just that savanna, there is also Cihideung Savanna located in Bandung, it is almost the same as the savanna in Papandayan Mountain, it is even called as the New Zealand of Bandung.

    After West Java, we continue to Central Java. It has some beautiful savannas to and located in Merbabu Mountain, Lawu Mountain and Prau Mountain. Last but not least in East Java you can find some savannas which are Baluran Savanna, Savanna located in Bromo Mountain and savanna located in Semeru Mountain.

    After you know a few references about the green hills, are you interested in visiting these places with your family? Indonesia is very rich in cultural diversity and its nature. By visiting tourist attractions that exist in Indonesia, you are indirectly involved in introducing existing tourist attractions in Indonesia in the eyes of the world. You can also give your family holiday experience on those places by giving testimony and also share the results of your photos on this website, so many other travelers will know about the excitement of the holidays those places.


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    Green Hills in Indonesia

    Yes, it is still green. It gets a lot of action from the mid level crowd but the bypass is stock friendly. Just made it up with a Cherokee on 33's

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