After finding a right partner, each partner wants to continue to stage the wedding. Marriage is something that is always dreamed of by any couple who wants to go to a more serious level. They want every detail to be perfect. Therefore, they prepare everything carefully, for example, unique wedding invitations, a wedding dress that is beautiful, a charming decoration, and a delicious meal for their wedding. After the wedding, the couples still want to spend time together in a romantic way. They want to do everything together without any interference from anyone. Therefore, the honeymoon is a solution for both of them. There are many great honeymoon resorts for newly married couples, for example, The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada, and also Camino Real Acapulco Diamante in Mexico.

In Indonesia itself there are also a lot of islands that provide honeymoon resorts. First is Bintan island. Bintan island is located in Riau archipelago, Indonesia. On this island, there are a lot of activities you can do, from the romantic things such as a honeymoon, family vacation, and also extreme activities which can trigger your adrenaline. Bintan island has luxury resorts which are located in Lagoi Bay. These resorts have a complete facilities such as swimming pools, various kinds of international food, and also different types of rooms according to your choice. Second is Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat is a tourist destination which is located in the territory of Papua. Raja Ampat has a great potential for marine tourism. In this place, there are many species of marine life and corals which are amazing. In this place, there are many resorts that you can visit, resorts in this place are surrounded by pristine reefs and unspoiled flora. The third is Gili Trawangan. This place is a tourist destination and also a romantic place for honeymooners. Gili Trawangan beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lombok. This beach is usually visited by foreign tourists, but lately many domestic tourists visit this place. The beach offers a lot of natural beauty such as having clean sand and sea water that is very clear. Additionally, this beach has a very suitable position, to see the sunset because this beach overlooks into Mount Agung, Bali. In this place there are many resorts are located close to the beach, so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea with your partner.

Honeymoon resort in Indonesia are mostly located in areas of the island, so there are a lot of activities that you and your partner can do. Spend time together with your partner is highly recommended because it has a romantic side that can strengthen your relationship with your partner. In these islands, you and your partner can spend time together while seeing the scenery with a very romantic atmosphere. Additionally, you can also make a romantic dinner that can strengthen your relationship intimacy. Not only that, if you and your partner want to do things that are challenging, you can do water sport like jet ski, banana boat, or swim together. Some of these things will surely be able to test the compactness with your partner.

After you know a few references about the best honeymoon resorts in Indonesia, are you interested in visiting these places with your couple? Indonesia is very rich in cultural diversity and its nature. By visiting tourist attractions that exist in Indonesia, you are indirectly involved in introducing existing tourist attractions in Indonesia in the eyes of the world. You can also give your family holiday experience on those places by giving testimony and also share the results of your photos on this website, so many other travelers will know about the excitement of the holidays those places.