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    Nona Mountain - Exotic Scenery of the Rows of Hills in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

    Source: nanaharmanto.files.wordpress.com

    Nona Mountain that located in Enrekang District, South Sulawesi is a unique mountain. The hills around this mountain present an interesting view. A row of green hills squiggly, Nona Mountain or the local residents call it "Buttu Kabobong" has meaning something that should be hidden. This is because most people associate the indentation on the mountain was similar to the female genitalia. The beauty of the hills along the Trans-Sulawesi road is indeed a pity if ignored. Nona Mountain could be a fitting location to enjoy the expanse of hills through thousands of years was lifted from the seabed as a result of this continental plate collision. Location of Nona Mountain is located in the middle of the trip, which is between the City Enrekang to Tana Toraja, about 5 hours from Makassar. Area of Nona Mountain is a great place to rest, to the toilet, or fill the stomach with local snacks.

    Source: barusemangat.files.wordpress.com

    From Makassar, the area of Nona Mountain can be reached about 6 hours through the land. Winding mountain paths, up and down certainly makes energy drained. Nothing wrong we take a break while see the sights of Mount Nona. Indeed, the form of Mount Nona could only be seen with the right position in front of it. When viewed from afar, it is nothing special about the shape of the mountain. Views of Nona Mountain can be enjoyed while eating or just drinking coffee at a few stalls in Enrekang. Some stalls even provide a special place to enjoy the view. The air is cold enough with a nice view, it is more fun to be enjoyed over a cup of hot coffee.

    On the side of the road along the Nona Mountain, there are small shops and several lodging for travelers who want to stay overnight. Stalls that provide warm drinks, ice, instant noodles, as well as local snacks like dangke. You also can buy fresh fruits, especially papaya and bark that are picked from the garden in the villages around. Some visitors also don't waste the opportunity for a photo with a background for self grooves of Nona Mountainl.

    Source: madochumaiwa.blogspot.co.id

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com , travel.detik.com
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