Enjoy a cup of warm tea in the morning will make your mind and your soul be refreshed so you can perform the activity with full of passion. Besides having a delicious taste and calming, it also has a very deep philosophy. The tea itself symbolizes a purity and a concept of life that is far from falsehood. A warm tea symbolizes a way to enjoy a struggle (not hot and not too cold), there is a balance in it. When A warm tea is served in the morning, it symbolizes an aura which is full of coolness, serenity, and comfort. After learning about the philosophy that is contained in a cup of tea, you will immediately be tempted to enjoy it.

Tea that you consume comes from the tea gardens are located in different places. There are a lot of tea gardens which produce tea with a high taste. The tea gardens can be found in the highlands. In Indonesia itself, there are so many tea gardens that you can visit. The first is the Kayu Aro tea garden, the oldest tea garden in Indonesia. This tea garden is located in the province of Jambi. Second is Kaligua tea garden in Pandansari village, Central Java. The third is Wonosari tea garden that is located in Malang, East Java.

A Tea garden, in addition is used to grow and produce tea, it can also be used as tourist attractions. For a long time, tea has become a commodity in Indonesia. The plant that is identical to the plateau region is not only to be consumed. A tea plantation area has now become a tourist attraction that is visited by many tourists. There are a lot of tea garden which are used as a tourist attraction or we can call it as a agro-tourism.

In the tea garden, cool weather and beautiful scenery will make you comfortable to be in this place. A calm feeling when you breath of fresh air will make your body and mind become peaceful. A vacation in the tea garden is not only good for the health of your body and your mind but also it has an educational side in it. Here you can learn how to seeding, planting, and also picking tea directly, not only that, you can also interact with the workers in the area. Near the tea garden, there must be a factory that aims to cultivate the tea. You and your family can see tea processing directly from leaves into a product that ready for sale to consumers.

After walking around the garden and also the factory, you must be feeling tired, but donít worry, around the tea garden there are many places to take a rest. Tea garden resort provides a lot of facilities such as a complete bedroom with views overlooking the tea garden, hot water, pool and restaurant with a variety of cuisines. You and your family are guaranteed to feel at home with friendly service and comprehensive facilities in the tea garden resort.

After filling the energy, you certainly want to continue with another activity. In some tea gardens, there are some outdoor activities that you can do. Some of the activities such as flying fox, ATV riding or rock climbing. Additionally, some of the tea gardens have a mini zoo, so you can take pictures and take pictures directly with these animals, but must be accompanied by the handler. Before you go home, it will be better if you visit a souvenir shop that sells tea products, clothes, or food which can be a present for your friend or your family.