Badega Parang Mountain that located in Purwakarta, West Java, is a popular rock climbing locations in Indonesia. Terrain climbing of this mountain is almost vertically into the rock climbers challenge for both domestic and foreign. Initially, Badega Parang Mountain is popular rock climbing destinations among rock climbers. However, since the track of Badega Parang Mountain is opened in early 2016 by via ferrata, this rock climbing has become recreation. Badega Parang Mountains offers a variety of special interest tourism activities, such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, and other challenging activities.

Badega Parang Mountain is a volcanic rock that has a height of about 963 meters above sea level. This mountain is equivalent to Mount Nglanggeran in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. However, to get to the top of this mountain, we have to do wall climbing past the rock wall. Well, the cliff is often regarded as an extreme track in this mountain, so many thought that only certain people with high skill was climbing to reach the summit of Badega Parang Mountain. But, on one side of the cliff, it has been built the via ferrata, the track is equipped with a metal ladder. As for the long lines, at the rock itself is approximately 150 meters. This type of stone in the cliffs is andesite that not fragile and quite safe. Andesite stone itself is a kind of stone that used to make the construction of ancient temples, such as the Prambanan and Borobudur.


Badega Parang Mountains is the first mountain in Indonesia which is equipped with via ferrata path. Ferrata is equipped with a metal ladder mounted on the walls of andesite in Parang Mountains. For additional data safety equipment, visitors will also be equipped with a safety strap to associate each track iron, seat harness and protective helmets. Path of via ferrata in this mountains was inaugurated in 2015 ago and it has been tested for all visitors ranging from age 5 to 62 years. Children with age 5 years old can climb this mountain through the via ferrata quite safely, provided they are not phobia of heights. Already there are several tour operators who sell packages ascent, so that each visitor can be fitted with safety equipment.

As the mountain in general, from the summit of Badega Parang Mountai we can see the natural beauty of the altitude. Although not able to enjoy the scenery as the clouds in the mountains with an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level, we are still going to get a lot of beauty in Badega Parang Mountain. One of the most pleasant sights on the top of this mountain is extensive and legendary of Jatiluhur Lake. Hills that were around Jatiluhur will complement the existing landscape.

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