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    The special dishes in Bali, Indonesia

    When stopped visiting Bali during the Indonesian tourism , in addition to enjoy the romantic natural surroundings, visitors also do not forget to enjoy the special dishes in Bali . We sold a lot of the roadside or street stall in some local markets.

    1. Fried Dragonflies
    Fried dragonfly is a treat in Bali that visitors should try a trip Indonesia. Like food fried crickets in Cambodia, fried dragonflies are very simple processing. People will catch the dragonfly, then drop them into the hot oil on the stove. But look a little disgusting, but this dish is also quite tasty.

    2. pupae deep
    Most visitors will feel a little scared when he saw lying on the grass chrysalis or leaves. But for people on the island, it is the raw material for food processing. They are usually fried or stewed with soups. So when dining in restaurants, if called dish of stewed pork, you should pay attention. Sometimes there will be more depth in which the pupa.

    3. Bats
    It sounds a little horror, but the bat is a strange specialties in Bali. Local people often string them into one long skewers, cooked over a fire and eat all the meat and bones because their bones small, relatively soft. In addition, there are other ways of processing 1. That they would cut off the head, wings and skinned bats. Then cut into smaller pieces to taste and bring the soup stew.

    4. Blood cobra

    If you are a brave person, visitors can try to drink cobra blood when visiting the island of Bali in Indonesia travel. Because in the area covered by tropical forests is solid animal should appear a lot. Therefore, local people usually catch snakes and get their blood to drink.

    5. Chicken stewed black beans (buah Keluak)
    Black beads Kepayang seeds - plants that grow in the mangrove swamps of Malaysia and Indonesia. Secondary particles are toxic and can be fatal if not cooked. Therefore, local people will soak black beans in water for 2 days. Then take the person shelling pound, mixed with salt, sugar, spices and bring stuffed back into the shell beads. And the black particles are usually cooked with chicken or pork.

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    Great, In next trip, I will try chicken stewd balck beans.
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    It is so interesting. I have thought if i have chance, i will choose Indonesia is the first place I visit. In each culture, there are different dishes are special make tourist want to come back. Now, thank you this post, It is as a motivation make me plan travelling to visit this place. I dream I will lying on the sand of Bali beach an take the sunshine. I will enjoy street food and drink in Indonesia comfortably. Indonesia, Bali island, waiting for me. I am coming.

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