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    Tambi Tea Plantation, Wonosobo - Central Java - Indonesia

    Tambi tea plantation was built in 1865, located 16 km north of the city with an altitude of 1350 meters Wonosobo above sea level and temperatures average 16 -28 C. Overall width reaches 829 hectares of tea gardens. Location plantation located on the western slopes of Mount Sindoro with excellence:

    Tambi is located on the western slopes of Mount Sindoro close to the Dieng Plateau has a fresh landscape, pollution-free making it suitable for a holiday event at the weekend. Mileage is only 20 minutes from the town of Wonosobo by using private vehicles. Travel with a great view on the main route to the Dieng Plateau.

    PT Plantation Tambi producing orthodox black tea. Extracts of fresh tea shoots withered results for 1080 minutes. Then milled for 60 minutes. Furthermore, the fermentation process for 120 minutes. Next dried for 25 minutes, sorting 60 minutes, and finally packed in bags of 50 kg sizes for export. There are also tea in small packs and ready-made for the local market with brands Petruk, Cakil, Mount, Pecco Souchon, Broken Orange Pecco, and Tambi.

    Wonosobo typical food and exciting entertainment package can be ordered. Other attractions closest to Agro Tambi.
    Lake menjer, Dieng Plateau, Jumprit Campgrounds and river rafting rides Serayu.

    photo: wonderfulinsight.files.wordpress.com
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