Lombok is an island that has a beach tourist destinations which are most sought by local and foreign tourists. How come? Many beaches that stretch in Lombok have own exoticism. The coastal of tourist destination that quite popular in Lombok is Senggigi Beach. This beach that gorgeous belle of the West Lombok is indeed never escape from the arrival of the hunters of beauty.

However, better you are not just blinded by the charm of Senggigi Beach. In addition to this cool beach, in West Lombok there is also no less exotic beach. Yes, there is Kerandangan Beach. Kerandangan Beach is not far from Senggigi Beach. So, if you are bored in Senggigi, you can travel to Kerandangan Beach.

Relaxing on the beach with large waves is one of the activities that carried out by tourists on the Kerandangan Beach. In addition relaxing, they also like activities such as swimming or playing water, building sand castles, and taking pictures in this beach. Kerandangan Beach has 3 pieces entrances. Generally, tourists prefer the third pass through the entrance because the charm of the Kerandangan Beach will be more visible in this entrance.

In Kerandangan Beach, there are rocks that always ready to hold back the waves. The sound of the surf that hitting the reef makes relaxing atmosphere become more fun. By late afternoon, tourists that visiting the beach Kerandangan will increase. They want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the beach as he traveled along with the children.


Kerandangan Beach is not far from Senggigi Beach. Kerandangan Beach becomes one of the favorite spots for picnics community because this beach is very shady. Yes, in addition to the sand, on this beach side, there is also the majority of plantation that covered by palm trees neatly and lined up on a bed of green grass. The combination of blue skies contrast with the greenish blue sea is also certain to spoil the eyes of visitors.

To get to the beach Kerandangan, if travelers depart from Mataram City Centre, it takes at least 45 minutes' travel time. If tourists come from BIL - Praya Airport, then you can use public transportation such as DAMRI that towards this beach. For tourists who are not driving, you should rent a car or motorcycle. The price of rental motorcycle in Lombok Island is approximately 50,000 Rupiahs, while the price of rental car with fuel and driver services is around 600,000 Rupiahs per 10 hours. For the admission price of Kerandangan Beach is 5,000 Rupiahs

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