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    Surfing at Cimaja Beach


    Cimaja Beach in Sukabumi Regency is not a familiar name for surfers, especially for Indonesian surfer. Even the size of the waves on the beach is known to foreign tourists, no wonder if the Cimaja Beach is often visited by surfing sport lovers to challenge big waves through a surfboard belonging to them. On the beach is also often held surf event of National and International level. It is not so much to make the Cimaja Beach became one of the best surfing destinations, not only in West Java Province but in Indonesia.

    The Cimaja break, a right that rises off a rocky reef, is reached by walking about 300 meters from the main road through beachfront sawah (rice terrace). This spot is consistently surf able because it has a solid and angular rock bottom perfectly attuned to south and southwest swells rising out of the Indian Ocean. Its rights peel off in front of a cobble-stone and boulder strewn beach that clatters like a series of giant castanets every time a wave set rolls in.

    The distance traveled from Jakarta to Cimaja about 120 kilometers, from Bandung about 203 kilometers, and about 80 km from Bogor. An option worth to considering given the peak of the tourist area on weekends when traffic jams are a nightmare of ever more horrific. Cimaja beach with waves roaring is the perfect location for surfers to enjoy the waves cradle on top of a surfboard. The best time to enjoy it is from eleven am to four pm, from May to October.

    Cimaja Beach is synonymous with one thing; surfing. Well, thatís what the expats and Indonesian surfers based in Jakarta. Located in the area of Pelabuhan Ratu, Cimaja Beach is growing in popularity as a surfing Mecca in West Java.

    Source: http://westjavatourismboard.info/

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    How to Get There
    Cimaja Village and surrounding is easily reached from Jakarta in about two and a half hours by car, just take the highway south to Bogor, then towards Sukabumi and Palabuhan Ratu. Once in the Fishing Village of Cimaja, hike through the rice paddies, and a rocky beach.

    Restaurants are plentiful here and the seafood is very decent. Every trader in Palabuhanratu as close to the beach, do not forget to try the fish meat balls.

    After turning left at the junction of Jalan Siliwangi heading into the city, there are some cheap inns on the right side, such as Laut Kidul and Karang Naya. Most hotels in Palabuhanratu charge more on weekends and holidays.


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