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    Indonesian traditional food

    Traditional Indonesian dishes. Indonesian culinary culture always creates excitement with visitors. The food here makes visitors think of the richness and diverse as the various cultures of the country of thousands of islands.

    Food visitors can encounter anywhere in the country of Indonesia. Meat is often used in this dish of beef or chicken. In particular, the operation to kill animals for food by Muslim religious people make. It is a religious culture of Islam in the Indonesian community. Kebabs are marinated with spices such as lemongrass, galangal, salt, sugar ... and then grilled over charcoal fire. Unlike Western-style barbecue grill often accompanied with vegetables forming a huge skewers. Beef satay skewers, by contrast, cooks done fairly small skewers. To skewers and smooth aromatic flavor when grilling, chef scan on iron skewers lemon peel oil soaked fibers. Grilled skewers of meat satay sticks when golden brown finish, steak smothered in shades open. Beef satay skewers are served with onion and cucumber cubes. Satay skewer meat would not be complete without the sauce made from peanuts. Eating a satay skewers, visitors can feel the taste as a tightly adhered gravity all together. Place lemon grass, chili pepper, sweet tasty meat. Fat in crushed peanuts melts in the mouth to create a feeling that you'll certainly never forget.

    Beef rendang & sambal

    'Rendang is a dish originating from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia. Food quickly became famous dish is mentioned all over the world. Rendang is one of the typical dishes of the Minangkabau culture. Rendang is made to serve the holidays. Rendang is prepared according to traditional ways of festivals in Indonesia. Rendang dish sometimes is described like curries. But through authentication nothing like rendang curry. Rendang is made from beef or. Slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices for several hours until all cooked together to create the harmony necessary match. The spices can include ginger, shallots, galangal, technology leaves, lemongrass and chicken or duck ot.Rendang also contains more usually not for me and cooked beef. There are two types of rendang: dry and wet. Rendang dry can be kept for 3- 4 months, is for the holidays; Wet Rendang called kalio can use within a month. Sambal might be called a spice or critical components or special dishes. Sambal always contain a large amount of fresh chilli. Dishes originating from Indonesia and Malaysia, which are commonly used in the diet of the people of Indonesia. Sambal is made from peppers. Traditional dishes are featured for culinary culture of Indonesia. In the majority of the Indonesian family, the daughter grows up to be the mother passed on making a pot of sambal. Sambal dish each family has different taste. Currently, a number of ready-made sambal at food markets in supermarkets in many countries.

    Babi panggang sauce

    Babi panggang commonly known as a tomato sauce. Originally, the dish is panggang Babi used by Indonesian dishes originated from China. Babi panggang sauce similar to the tomato sauce used with other dishes. Babi panggang sweet sour fresh tomatoes. Especially, Babi panggang popular flavored sauce in Cantonese cuisine. Ingredients to create dishes panggang Babi including fresh tomatoes, fresh ginger or powder, water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Today, babi panggang sauce are becoming popular in many Western countries and Asian countries.

    Sasi gudeg

    Sasi gudeg dishes are regional specialties Yogja Indonesia. Sasi gudeg looks almost like jackfruit dish warehouse in Vietnam but is more elaborate processing. Jackfruit is finely shredded chicken stew with coconut pulp and thin, eggs, tofu and other vegetables. Sasi gudeg fully bring the sweetness of the meat, the fat of the coconut, jackfruit seeds bit dated from the early and indispensable spicy peppers originating Java - Indonesia caylan shine in the mouth. With Sasi dishes to enjoy slowly gudeg new smell the fat of the other eggs of copra fatty, sweet taste of chicken do not mix with sweeteners from young jackfruit and tofu or vegetables ultimately create food should taste more sweet, without causing bored.

    Java fried noodles

    The fried noodles are a favorite food of the people of Indonesia. Local people can choose to taste the noodles taste. As for the middle level in the high-end restaurant serving special fried noodles. In general, the noodles are made of grains are grown from Indonesia such as rice, glutinous, green beans, soybeans ... eating noodles chewy soft absorbent fried bold flavors with the typical fruits and vegetables. Guests use the noodles do not forget to add traditional sauces. This is a separate definition of food in Indonesia.

    Soto soup

    Soto soup is quite characteristic ingredient. All were crushed, finely chopped before it is finished cooking. Side dishes Soto indispensable characteristic ingredients like corn oil, chicken or beef. The older girls in Indonesia are often parent family, she passed on the way back for a delicious soup nhat.Dac special, side dishes Soto also has the flavor of soy sauce - a sauce made from soy. Soto soup can be eaten or not eaten while still hot and fresh bun. Soup commonly found in the family's meals Indonesia.

    Babi Guling

    Babi Guling is a traditional dish from Bali - Indonesia. If given the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Bali tourists should not Babi Guling familiar taste. Dishes are made from meat roast suckling pig and rice. Both air and mixed with a mixture of spices including minced shallots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper, basil, galangal, chilli, lemongrass ... procession to bring a huge fire turned on within 5 hours. Suckling pig is constantly moving slowly to ensure the meat is cooked through and attractive nursery with yellow skin and aroma rises and nose. Babi Guling dish usually made in the big occasion to sacrifices of the people of Bali.

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    Soto soup is the best food I ever eat when I travel here.

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    Thankyou for sharing your experiance,
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    thank you for providing this useful information.

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    I to eat Soto soup, so wonderful, its taste is very special.

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    Wow. It should be so delicous. I hope to have chance to go Indonesia to try them. thanks for your nice post
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    I was eating soto soup in indonesia and was very impressed about it, with healthy food recipes are delicious, fleshy, interesting is my feeling about it!
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    Hmm... I have traveled to Indonesia once and Beef rendang was my very first dish here. I don't remember the exact restaurant but the dish was extremely good. I also tried Java fried noodles, it's quite refreshing (mine was vegan only) but somehow I'm not really into it.

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    I have been to Indonesia and I really love their traditional foods. I am a certified researcher and provide Best Essay Help UK as well as I have completed research on traditional foods and I remember that I had included top 10 countries traditional nutrients.

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    Indonesia's food are delicious, Healthy Recipes for Health !

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