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    Wildlife Recreation Park of Seruling Mas, Banjarnegara - Central Java - Indonesia

    Wildlife Recreation Park (TRMS) Seruling Mas is located in the Tomb complex Ki Ageng Selamanik, Serayu River Valley, less than 1 kilo meters north of the town of Banjarnegara. Tourism facilities in the Park Recreation Margasatawa Selamanik Seruling Mas among others: a complete wildlife park, swimming pool with his Waterboom, Arenas kids games, stage entertainment, tourism public fishing arena, there are also grave Ki Ageng Selomanik sacred.

    Some animals that ditangkarkan include: Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Snake, Orang Utan various species of birds, and others. Also provided elephant riding tourist facilities around the park with guided a handler. The swimming pool is adequate, consisting of 3 parts pool for children and adults, as well as domestic facilities rinse. Tomb Ki Ageng Selomanik which is a descendant of King of Mataram was frequently visited by tourists.

    Recreation park is crossed by streams that add to the beauty Serayu River views of the garden. Very attractive to children and adolescents, on holidays or school vacation attractions are always crowded. To enliven the atmosphere on stage performing arts entertainment held areas and perform music that can enjoyed by tourists while sitting under a shady tree in arenas under the stage.

    photo: budparbanjarnegara.com

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