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    Beautiful and Delight Nature Reserve of Mt. Wondiwoy in Monokwari

    Source: reyginawisataindonesia.blogspot.com

    For those of you who love nature and challenge with beautiful area, so you would be very nice to take a trip to this nature reserve. Nature Conservation Area of Mt. Wondiwoy is nature reserve with beautiful views of the bay and also Wandamen Cenderawasih Bay. Nature Reserve of Mt. Wondiwoy has 147 species of birds as well as various species of flora and fauna. This nature reserve that has an extensive area of ​​142.173.94 square kilometers with 73.022 hectares is located along Jaziriah Wasior district, Manokwari, West Papua. In this nature reserve, you can enjoy the natural scenery of Cenderawasih and Wandamen Bay that are very beautiful and amazing.

    Though to reach the site of Nature Reserve of Mt. Wondiwoy has been difficult because we have to climb the aircraft with type Cessna to get to the middle of this nature reserve, but the scenery and the diversity of flora and fauna that contained in this nature reserve can be comparable to the journey we have traveled. Nature Reserve of Mt. Wondiwoy can be reached by airplane type of Cessna and Twin Otter with travel time of approximately 20 minutes from the town of Manokwari. Many of the amenities found in the reserve, including thousand feet house that looks unique because it is built on stilts very much. The wall of thousand feet house is made of bark, while the roof is made of pandanus leaves. Occupants of this house consist of 4 to 5 families (25-30 people). Thousand Feet House is traditional home of Arfak tribe that located in the hinterland of Manokwari, District Kebar, Anggi and Merday

    Article Source: www.investinwestpapua.com , tempatwisataunik.com , reyginawisataindonesia.blogspot.com

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