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    Jahri Saleh Zoo - Mini Zoo and Recreation Park with Variety Collection of Animals

    Source: backpackerbanjarmasin.blogspot.co.id

    Relaxing with family and friends while playing and watching the animals are fun activities. All can be done in Banjar Bungas Animal Park, Jalan Jahri Saleh, Village surgi Mufti, the District of North Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Mini zoo in Banjarmasin City Government-owned is usually crowded with people on weekends, ie Saturday and Sunday. This animal park that is also known by the name of Jahri Saleh Zoo has plenty of animals that can be viewed by visitors. There are varieties of birds in this mini zoo such as pigeons, crows, hornbills, ornamental chickens, and so forth. Then there are also crocodiles, reptiles and several species of primates such as the proboscis monkey and langur. The visitors could freely look around the animals every day from 08:00 am until 18:00 pm.

    Source: zainalhakimmsc.blogspot.co.id

    This park is looked comfortable because it has a lot of trees, a fountain and a playground for children. In this mini zoo children can freely play where here are a variety of game facilities, among other cars, fishing ponds and bath balls. To be able to put this game, visitors must pay 10,000 Rupiahs for cars that can play for 15 minutes. Then for bathing and fishing pond plastic ball can be used as much and only have to pay 5,000 Rupiahs. Going forward, the park managed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Banjarmasin city is going to add animal collections, namely deer typical of Borneo and marine life. As for the marine life will be different kinds of colorful fish, sharks and sea horses.The place is under construction and will be equipped with air conditioning so that is guaranteed to make visitors comfortable.

    Visitors can also be free to bring the kids here because it is safe for the child's travel. There are only a few sellers of soft drinks, juice and chicken noodles which prices range from thousands of rupiah. The entrance fee for the zoo is very cheap and affordable, which is 2,000 Rupiahs for children and 4,000 Rupiahs for adults, plus pay for parking two-wheeled vehicles is 2,000 Rupiahs if you are wearing a motorcycle.

    Article Source: Tribunnews.com
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