West Sumbawa is known range of beautiful beaches and some still 'virgin'. Kertasari Beach is the most beautiful beaches in West Sumbawa with charming ocean color Tosca. Kertasari is the name of the village in Taliwang, the district of western Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Farmers of this village are known for its quality seaweed production. The beach is located at the end of Taliwang district with full trip potholes and dusty. Nevertheless, end of this beach can be enjoyed with a charming expanse of mangrove forests on the coast which the color of mangrove forests will end, but shades of greenish blue Tosca will change when you arrive at the mouth of the beach. The sea water of this beach is crystal clear. Kentasari Beach has not been contaminated indeed make this beach has a criteria for good seaweed culture.

Kertasari Beach has a very captivating beauty. The dusty winding roads and 8 km from Taliwang district are challenge for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this beach. Mangrove plants with soft white sand, blue sea that is calm and clean, and the cool air are very indulgent eye and suitable for those of you who have a hobby of photography. For those of you whose hobby fishing, local communities and even visitors from outside have long made this village as the location of fun and exciting fishing. Curiously, although located on the coast does not necessarily make this village as a fishing village.


Most residents in this beach are farmers seaweed, no wonder many nets of seaweed on the beach. These nets are used to collect seaweed, when it's ready to harvest seaweed will be removed and dried. Seaweed is cultivated in this beach because of the high quality of the seawater which is clean and uncontaminated. In addition to cultivation of seaweed, there are rocks that can be bypassed by visitors. Coral here can be seen more clearly view towards the sea and to enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset. Besides on that, most young children there learn to surf self-taught or learn on their own. On average, people in the Kertasari Village can swim so since childhood dared to try surfing to a considerable distance from the shoreline.

Kertasari Beach can be reached by driving for 20 minutes of Taliwang. Don't forget to wear goggles and masks when you take advantage of the motorcycle to this location. Located close to the village would not be difficult for you to simply buy food or soft drinks, but do not expect you to find a restaurant or food center here. Limited but special, that's the impression you'll get from your visit to this village.


If you want to visit the Kertasari Beach, you can go by plane to arrive at the international airport in Praya Lombok. Then the journey continues to the Port of Heaven to cross to the island of Sumbawa. Arriving in Sumbawa, you can drive about 30 to 45 minutes to arrive at the village of Kertasari. Visitors are also advised to bring a complete equipment, such as tents, because of the lack of lodging there. There is a foreign-run inn with a tariff of 600,000 rupiahs per night.

Shades from the edge of the beach will be greenish and blue Tosca will change when you arrive at the mouth of the beach. Sunset scenery at this location will make you amazed of the beauty and uniqueness. Very cool! This is the real paradise.

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