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    Things to know when traveling Indonesia

    See: Bali (Indonesia), beauty glamor life

    How for centuries the island's emerald blue Indonesian archipelago has fascinated mankind, from missionaries to pirates, from the giant company to tourists "backpack", all are more or less sandalwood forests, lifestyle was very Balinese and the beach was marvelous, great mountains and majestic volcanoes fascinated.
    Indonesia has been a very popular destination with Vietnam, especially since there are laws Vietnam visa exemption for tourist visitors Indonesia. To Indonesia you can look at individual sites are certified UNESCO world heritage Borobudur and Prambanan as location, Komodo National Park (in Nusa Tenggara), Kulon National Park (Banten), or rainforest tropical Sumatra.
    What play ?

    Bali is a beautiful area and the impression that you may become confused and think this is silly picture: golden rice fields stretching into the hillside nursery look like giant steps, the mouth open organization volcanic cloud roaring above, the dense forests and warm, the beaches are bathed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean.
    However, travelers should still learn the most current information related to tourism in Bali, because of the terrorist bombings in July 2002 and 10/2005 at tourist spots still possessed photo and sequelae heavily here, and that threat has not been completely obliterated.

    If ignored polluted atmosphere, and was fascinated by the charm, then Jakarta is one of the most attractive capital region. Jakarta can see is a "big durian" - a unique fruit flavor characteristics, some people can not "digest" well but some people "addicted".

    No traditional flowers such as Bali, but Lombok has better beaches, a bigger volcano and countryside with many features, different. Advantage tourism here has not been fully utilized, but many tourists still come here and they become independent traveler, fascinated by freedom pristine beauty and powerful sports activities of the island, such as surfing, cycling, diving and swimming, as well as local culture characteristic of Lombok.

    Indonesia is like "sleeping giant" of Southeast Asia. From high-rise buildings in Singapore's south east, to the great sunbathing beach north of Australia, Indonesia's 17,000 islands like the Gulf's bridge between continents, creating wild strokes, other and magic often in Southeast Asia. The largest city and the ancient memories of humility, spacious beaches with clear blue waters and the tiger, the giant lizard, all of which contribute to the differences of the island. With many visitors, the journey to Indonesia is an adventure-soaked landscape colors, sounds and smells.

    Go by what?

    Indonesia has two major international airports are in Denpasar in Bali and Jakarta Java. Most flights coming from Europe and Asia are using one of these two airports.

    From Vietnam, you can select a number of airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines or Malaysian Airlines Systems with different ticket prices. At the peak tourist season, you should book tickets early to avoid a shortage of seats.

    Go when?

    Crossing the equator, so Indonesia has quite unique climate - hot. Weather hot and humid in Indonesia during the wet season (October to April), hot and dry during the dry season (May to September). Most ideal period to travel to the southern region of Indonesia is from April to May 10. The North Island seemed always humid year round.

    As a multicultural country, Indonesia has a lot of holidays and religious associations, but for each region has a different festival. The most important time of the year is the month of Ramadhan. During 30 days, the Muslims will not let anything touch the lips, which means they will not eat, do not drink and do not smoke from sunrise until sunset. They try to get up early to eat something before sunrise, late for work and then come home early to eat after sunset. If to Indonesia at this time, you should avoid eating in public. Furthermore, most of the restaurants are closed at this time.

    Many festivals in Indonesia is not fixed and usually changes each year. Therefore, if you intend to go to Indonesia, please refer to the news to no surprise.

    A few notes

    The Vietnam traveling Indonesia within 30 days are exempt from visa.

    Although the handshake is very ordinary, but some Muslim women still respond to friendly gestures acquainted by smiling and nodding with the opposite ***. And if you should only embark Muslim women in Indonesia when they themselves take the initiative.

    polite handshake must be done by hand, but the two do not squeeze.

    You should call to notify the employer know before had played their home.

    Before entering the house remember to remove their shoes. In places of worship such as temples and shoes must be removed and left outside.

    Often the landlord will invite you to drink water, and you will be polite guests after receiving this invitation.

    Never use your hands pointed at people, animals or something.

    Use the right hand to give or receive gifts.

    In place of divine worship, you can take pictures, but always remember to ask permission first.

    (Source: Internet)

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    Things to know when traveling Indonesia

    Also general suggestions -- whats parking like? Food? Any other tips?

    What are some free or cheap things to do?

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    Noted them for my next trip

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