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    5 foods to try while in Jakarta

    1. Nasi Uduk.The main component of nasi rice is soaked and uduk is cooked with coconut milk, which is then rolled up in banana leaves. These materials make the blended foods, fatty leopard, was exalted by the flavor of lemon grass, flavorings and spices. When dining, guests will be served with shallots fried nasi uduk and many other side dishes like ayam Goring (fried chicken) or crispy tempeh fried soybean cake.
    2.Gado gado:Gado gado salad own country Indonesia. Besides exotic sauce layer made from peanuts, gado gado-have ingredients are boiled vegetables, bread soy tempeh, tofu, boiled eggs and pieces lontong (rice cake). The name of the dish itself means "mix-mix", also reflect processing all this material: mix together the peanut sauce.
    3.Sop Buntut:Sop buntut - oxtail soup - is one of the fine taste of Jakarta and even the country of Indonesia. The main material of this dish is oxtail cooked with lots of herbs, spices and vegetables - all can make a broth soup is very in but the taste is extremely uplifting. The dish is served with white rice, and pungent, fragrant even more charming when you served with sambal chili sauce and a few drops of lemon.
    4.Nasi Tumpeng:Nasi tumpeng tourist attraction, not only for flavor, but also by the layout and process food is quite unique. It may sound strange, but in essence, are the grains of rice nasi uduk tumpeng golden shaped towers, surrounded by a colorful side dish. The impressive, unique, helped nasi national tumpeng recognized as Indonesia's real, and this is an indispensable dish for special occasions, festivals of this country.
    5.Nasi Rawon: There the phrase "as black chocolate, the taste more appealing." This formula can fully apply to nasi rawon when we replace chocolate with soup. Raw materials make this dish with black and flavor characteristics is keluak particles. In addition, the chefs have to give on some herbs and spices such as lemongrass and ginger. This dish is served on the beef and make sure you will feel the taste when eaten right from the first piece.

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