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Magelang regency in Central Java is an area that has a lot of attractions, starting from the central city to residing in rural areas. If you notice, most of the tourist attractions in Magelang had a history of each story. Sky Falls Sekaror that called Sekar Langit Waterfall is one of tourism place in Magelang. Complete address located in the village sky Sekar Tlogorejo, Grabag district, Magelang regency, is a waterfall on the slopes of the mountain with a height of Andong and Telomoyo waterfall about 25 meters. Its about 15 Km from Magelang city.

Sekar Langit Waterfall also has a legend. Told, this waterfall is a shower once a nymph named Nawangwulan as he was falling to Earth. When're cool shower under a waterfall, there is an inhabitant named Jaka Tarub fraudulent shawl stole the angels. Inevitably, the princess could not get back to the sky because no clothing other than a shawl that was stolen by Jaka Tarub. In addition, the shawl is also is also a source of strength Nawangwulan. Long story short, Nawangwulan finally settled on Earth and become the wife of Jaka Tarub. In a way, the story of this legend makes people become curious to come to Sekar Langit Waterfall for a closer look at the falls, this legendary.

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Sekar Langit Waterfall itself is in a suburb of Magelang. The location of this waterfall is located on the slopes of Mt. Telomoyo, a mountain located in the district of Semarang, Salatiga, and Magelang regency. Therefore, in addition can be accessed from the town of Magelang, the waterfall is also very easy if accessed from Salatiga As tourist attractions in the mountainous regions in general, the atmosphere around Sekar Langit Waterfall is very cool and refreshing. The roar of the waterfall will be immediately greeted as soon as we arrived at the waterfall

The waterfall is actually not very high. Only about 25 meters. But its charm is still able to make a lot of people want to come there. Moreover, there is a legend behind it. Just below the waterfall there is a lake that was once a bathing place Nawangwulan. The water is of course very typical fresh mountain spring water. This tourist attraction offers natural beauty and naturalness. All around there are many dense trees like pines, bamboo and many more. Along the journey to the waterfall now, before the heavens we will not get bored, because the spread of various beauty of God's creation. It would seem the western side of the Mt. Sumbing and Sindoro existence, if lucky we can see the Mt. Dieng too.


To get to the tourist attraction Sekar Langit Waterfall, it can be accessed from two directions. Directions first sign of Salatiga. When we arrive in Getasan Village (before Kopeng), we can take a right up to the gate. The distance from the village up to the gate of about 3-4 km. While the direction of the second entrance of the town of Magelang passing through the area Grabag with down hills. Grabag City District can be reached in about 10-15 minutes, with the entrance located in the hamlet Dalangan, Pandean Ngablag Village.

Furthermore, from the gate to the waterfall about 500 meters over the bridge and footpath uphill through the pine forest. Along the streets plastered several notice boards placed on trees to remind visitors when rain comes, visitor must come out of the location. This is because often the flood coming from upstream when the rainy season arrives. Likewise, there is a warning for bathing and fell into the river during the rainy season arrives.

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