Park Tourism Study Living Environment (in Indonesia, people call "Taman Wisata Study Lingkungan Hidup" or TWSL is a tourist destination in which there are all kinds of plants and animals that still but nearly extinct. Usually people in Probolinggo mention this place under the name Probolinggo Zoo, because this place is containing wide variety of animals and plants that are encountered in the general zoo. This park has been built for the purpose of the studying and media environment for the community, especially the people living in Probolinggo. Beside on that, this place has a lot of interest among others to improve the productivity of land asset of Probolinggo Municipal Government, as the acceleration of awareness and concern for the sustainable management of the environment, and the latter as a means to increase the capacity of the City of Probolinggo.


This mini zoo has an area of ​​about one hectare. At least, there are 270 animals consisting of 40 species, such as primates, reptiles, and birds in the collection of TWSL. At present, the development being done at this point is the development of species, and the planting of various trees. In addition to animals, a collection of rare plants also exist in that location. Already, there are 20 species of trees and some wildlife species in TWSL. The type of trees contained therein include mahogany trees, hibiscus rangkang, noni and some other types of crops and for animals including mammals, birds, reptiles such as snakes, python, crocodile, birds, eagles, parrots, wak-wak, and many again. In addition to trees and variety of wildlifes, this place also provides playground for the children, and facility of public libraries by UPTD PISLH that can be utilized for visitors who want to develop knowledge about the environment and interact directly with the environment.

Although it's not complete like another zoos in general, Park Tourism Study Living Environment in Probolinggo remain in demand. This business deliberately set up this mini zoo for the introduction to the environment, both animals and plants. So far, the function of education has been exceeded. Probolinggo Municipal Government now live more empowered to be more helpful place again.

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