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    Kijang Mini Zoo, Tanjung Pinang - Small Zoo with Many Vocation Spots

    Source: tanjungpinangpos.co.id

    Bintan is an island that located in the province of Riau Islands. Bintan has many tourist destinations that required for the visit, especially travel related to the beach. When visiting Riau Islands, especially the island of Bintan, then you can choose which beach to you will visit. Besides the beach, other tourist attractions are also quite popular as a tourist destination is the Kijang Mini Zoo. Mini Zoo in Kijang, Bintan regency became one of the alternatives for local residents and Tanjungpinang area to fill the final end year holiday. In fact, the people who come in Kijang Mini Zoo are also from the city of Batam, after enjoying a holiday at the Trikora Beach Bintan.

    Kijang Mini Zoo is a tourist park with mini or small shaped. The zoo is located in Wahoo, Kijang Bintan regency. This zoo is not too broad because it only occupies an area of ​​approximately 1 hectare. But even so, the zoo is much in demand by local people as a vacation spot. On holidays and on weekends, many visitors who visit the mini zoo, including the tourists who come from a neighboring country, such as Malaysia and Singapore.

    Source: bintanworld.com

    There are some good species of mammals, birds, or reptiles in Kijang Mini Zoo. The animals that most in interest by the visitors here are crocodiles and deer, because alligators here is a type of very large crocodile that lived so many years. Several other species of animals found at the Kijang Mini Zoo are namely deer, bears, monkeys, cassowary, turkey, Crocodiles, Fish, Weasel, iguanas and Angora cats.

    Existing facilities at the Kijang Mini Zoo consists of a parking lot that quite extensive, so for those of you who drive either two-wheel or four wheel need not worry anymore where to park it. In Kijang Mini Zoo, there are prayer room and toilet. To cafeteria, canteen here is already for a culinary but not too full, so it would be even better if you with family bring lunch to eat in this zoo.

    Some of the activities that we can do in the park's mini zoo deer than to see animals in cages is feeding them, here you can buy food to officers and then feed these animals. Not only that, you can also take pictures with these animals though he could not directly. Here are also available for some games for children such as swings and slides.

    The price of entrance tickets in Kijang Mini Zoo is about 10,000 rupiahs for adults and 5,000 rupiahs for children. However, these costs beyond the cost of parking.

    Article Source: http://www.wisatatiga.com/

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    wow,what great place you explore,i want to see it in my coming future,every click of your blog is explain the beauty of Zoo..
    same day taj mahal tour by train

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    Is there an admission charge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jomalone View Post
    Is there an admission charge?

    Yes, there is an admission charge, but it's not expensive, just about 10,000 - 20,000 Rupiah

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    Kijang Mini Zoo is a tourist park with mini or small shaped

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    woa beatyful

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