Jurug Zoo (Satwataru Jurug Park) is an exciting tourist area of ​​the zoo. The situation of this zoo that cool and shady place is very suitable to serve as a resting place. This park and zoo in Solo has a collection among others, peacock green, leopard, tiger, snakes, dragons, iguanas, horses, hedgehogs, birds, bears, monkeys, zebras, camels, crocodiles, peacocks, deer, elephants, gibbons, and other variety of fauna groups. The animals are intentionally to come from various regions across Indonesia, and cared for by professional experts. The tourists can be meet with the animals but there are conditions that apply, which do not feed this animal, because it is very dangerous if no officer vigil in the vicinity. Besides fauna, Wildlife Jurug also collect a variety of plants such as spruce, pine, munggur (tamarind), flamboyant, acacia, and other large trees. The trees collections in Jurug Zoo are tall and shady enough to make the atmosphere cool.


Jurug Zoo (Satwataru Jurug Park) is located in the eastern city of Solo, near the border with Karanganyar. Formerly, Jurug Zoo is just a city park that located on the banks of the Bengawan Solo. While the animals are inside that used to be on Sriwedari Park Complex, in the middle of the city of Solo. Though it was his name yet Sriwedari Park, but Bonrojo Park / King's Garden built by Pakubowono X in about the 1870s. In 1939, King Sinuwun Pakubowono X died and Zoo Bonrojo Zoo is not maintained well. Finally in 1986 the municipal government initiated Solo took over the zoo for more manicured and move it to where it is now. Address of Wildlife Satwataru Jurug is Ir. Sutami No 40, Kentingan, Jebres or rather next to the University of Sebelas Maret.

For entrance tickets
Monday to Friday: Rp. 10.000, -
Saturday / Sunday / holiday day: Rp. 12.000, -
Open every day from 08.00 till 17.00

Let's travelling while studying at the Jurug Zoo

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