Kebumen south coast is a paradise world that is very beautiful and charming. Several beaches with white sand and decorated with towering cliffs buffeted by high waves. It is wonderful wealth of beach tourism in Kebumen, one of which is Turkish Bopong.

Located in the village of Surorejan, District Puring, Kebumen. Located 24 km southwest of the town of Kebumen and 20 Km east of the city Deal. Unlike other beach in Kebumen which has white sand, beach Bopong decorated with black sand. Keep in mind also, Bopong Beach is one of three beach yng used as a location to lay eggs and breed. Unfortunately, the proliferation of sea turtles that occurred in Turkish is tarnished by the people who are not responsible for the sale.

The Bopong turkish sensation is not finished here. Bopong famous beach with waves very malignant, according to the identity typical South Beach. The beach has been no post SAR, so the visitors are not allowed to swim at this beach. The goal is simple, just to ensure that no casualties and tarnish stories on this beautiful beach.

The routes are within easy driving distance to the Bopong beach. More details of Kebumen City please enter Jl. Ronggowarsito and then towards Jl. Raya Petanahan to proceed towards the District Klirong. Then, after passing through the District Klirong, then will go and meet with the District Petanahan Daendels Road at the junction Klegensari village. Take the right lane, straight up to meet Munggu-junction, continue straight to enter the sub-district and village Puring Surorejan.

A beautiful view is found in the shade of the tree Bopong Beach Contamination Shrimp on the beach as it appears on the beach Lembupurwo and karst hills in the western direction. Beautiful beaches with incomparable charm is a gift that is extraordinary. Back me remind, Indonesia was cool, beautiful, and charming. Come and explore Bopong beach!