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    Mentawai Islands: The Heaven of Surfers

    By: Khoirul Amri

    Source: www.ku2h.com

    Mentawai Islands is part of the province of West Sumatra since 1999 is set to become a district. The position of the Mentawai islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean surrounded by natural sea makes it an awesome and perfect for marine tourism. Mentawai has become one of the famous adventure travel, cultural tourism and marine tourism particularly of interest surfers surfing at home and abroad.

    Mentawai Islands itself is a series of non-volcanic island where the cluster of islands is the culmination of an underwater ridge. There are four islands that make up Mentawai Islands are Siberut Islands, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island. What islands are located off the coast of West Sumatra province that extends and surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

    Surfing and windsurfing has become a tourist icon Mentawai Islands, even rare international surfing competitions held here. At least 400 dots scattered surfing in the Mentawai Islands. The waves varied and challenging, even some rolls included in the category of extreme waves that surfers sought from various parts of the world.

    To visit the Mentawai Islands, can be accessed through two channels, namely sea and air., Mentawai can be reached by fast boat for 4 hours or inter-island ferry for 10 hours. Also available 46 mini cruise ships that can be rented while in Mentawai. After being closed in March 1999, Padang-Mentawai flight route reopened pad 2007. Flight Minangkabau Airport-Airport Rokot who took 35 minutes this time served every Tuesday and Thursday by Sabang Merauke Air Charter.

    Article Source: http://amriholiday.blogspot.co.id/20...f-surfers.html
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    awesome place that you share,i also want to visit the island in my coming future.

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