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    Visit the Batak Museum

    Located in Simanindo approximately nine miles from Tuk-tuk, an ancient king's traditional house was restored and converted into the Batak Museum. The museum is small, but a must if you are interested in understanding more about the extremely interesting Batak culture; admission is $3.

    Traditional dancing is sometimes performed at 10:30 a.m. each morning -- assuming that any tourists have shown up. The dancing done at the museum is far more authentic than the tourist-oriented variety performed in guesthouses.

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    Wow, it's so awesome. I want to go there

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    This is one of the best place to learn about their Culture and History!

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    I like places where there are ancient works like this

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    Wow, It's so an excellent. I wish i can see this in my my life once time.

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    I like this type of places because here i feel fresh.

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    Pleasantly situated on the south shores of the incredible Lake Toba.

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    A place to visit when visiting Batak! We will learn an awful lot of Batak in the history of the museum.

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    Wow, It's so an excellent. I very like it

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    Wow.. Awesome place.

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