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    Visit Jakarta Souvenir Center, The Diversity of Indonesian Products Only In One Place

    Jakarta Souvenir Center, known as SMESCO Indonesia, a public service market place to displayed all the Indonesian SMEs Products. Located at South Jakarta, as the capital city is no doubt become a gathering place for various tribes and nationalities. What else the most important when traveling is to buy local products to take back to their country.

    Therefore, local products are something that has a great potential to be searched by visitors. That's became one of the reason why do people visiting Indonesia is because of its culture, tourism and natural resources or maybe one of them are looking for business. Many people both foreigner and local people have a high enthusiasm for exploring Indonesia.

    That's so much fun when the visitors looking for Indonesian products by only visiting one place. The visitors can take their trip to explore the Indonesian tourism freely without carrying the burden of souvenirs. Then they could buy the souvenirs when in Jakarta, the last stop before returning home to their country. That's the easy way to enjoy traveling. So, What's more that makes you won't visit Jakarta Souvenir Center?

    SMESCO itself stands from Small & Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives, where one of its purposes is to promote and market the local products made by the small & medium enterprises to domestic and international market. To realize the tasks and purposes, SMESCO Indonesia has provided the facilities for market development of those superior products through various activities such as the Gallery of Indonesia WOW, Pavilion Provinces, product exhibitions, marketing trainings and seminars, the development of export markets through the trading house, etc.

    Here in SMESCO, you can find unique products belong to Indonesia and cannot be found in other countries. The international guests visiting SMESCO are interested to buy and bring them to their home country. The products are well made with high-quality materials. Mostly, the products are handmade products, by Indonesian talented craftsmen. Some products that you can buy in SMESCO are fashion products, Batik, fabric, crafts, furniture, jewelry, shoes, weaving products, food & beverage, and many more.

    Now, SMESCO has visited by thousands visitors both domestic and local. It because all products from 34 provinces of Indonesia are here, and through in good quality control. So if you want to collect products from all of the provinces in Indonesia and you don’t have the chance to visit all of them, you could visit this place. And, if your friends asked for souvenirs when you had a trip somewhere in Indonesia, just asked them to visit SMESCO!

    For further info please visit: smesco.indonesia-product.com

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    really??? in smesco?? I want to try that
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    Somethings here is very old. But i think I should go there once to experience.

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