Ubud is a place of many possibilities

Ubud is a place of many possibilities. Ubud is situated almost in the center of Bali, so all destinations of the island can be easily reached in one day. Because of its position, Ubud is not as warm as the places at the coastal area, but the nights are not too cool, like in Kintamani.

Ubud is the center of art and artists. It is famous because of its wood- and stone carvers, weavings, musicians, dancers, paintings and painters. Famous painters like Walter Spies, Han Snel, Rudolph Bonnet, Antonio Blanco and Arie Smit once have chosen Ubud as their home-port. Still, many painters live and work in Ubud; you can find their work in the many galleries and several museums.

Every evening you can visit the traditional dances in Ubud Palace, the perfect place for this beautiful event. In several places you can enjoy traditional gamelang music, but if you like more modern styles, I can recommand Jazz-café or Warung Opera, where weekly talented artists play live music.

Ubud is a good place to start trips by car, bike or motorbike. Close to Ubud you find beautiful rice-terraces, woods and small rivers, nice for a ride or a walk around. Very famous is the Monkey Forest, at the end of Monkey Forest street. In the forest is a small temple and a holy spring, inhabited by a band of irascible monkeys. You can offer the monkeys bananas or peanuts, but hide your belongings, because what they take from you, they never will give back. Close to Ubud, in the direction of Gianyar, You find the Goa Gaja (elephants cave), one of the oldest temples in Bali. It has nothing to do with elephants, but it is an impressive place. In the direction of Batubulan is a birdparc, a very nice place for a walk, watching many tropical birds.

Ubud has many nice restaurants and warungs for a cheap lunch or dinner. There is a restaurant for every taste. In Monkey Forest street you find not the cheapest and also not the best, but if you need advise, we can help you. If you like to eat fresh fish, I recommand you to go to Pantai Lebih. Almost no tourists visit this place, I always find myself among young romantic Balinese couples and fishermen. At the beach with a vieuw on small catamarans on the black sand and, of course, the sea, you will enjoy delicious fresh fisch, prepared in Balinese style for a Balinese price. It is also a quiet place for a walk on the beach without anyone troubling you, like in Kuta or other touristic places.

Things To Do in Ubud:

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