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    Forest Park (Tahura) Ngargoyoso, Wonosobo - Central Java - Indonesia

    Forest Park (Tahura) Ngargoyoso located at the foot of Mount Lawu with a height of 1,200 m asl and has a diversity of flora and fauna are breathtaking. Mini Forest was developed as a medium of education and research. Also here there is the historical site of the temple buildings and temple Sukuh Ceto who has become a tourist destination in the District of Karanganyar.

    Regions Tahura Ngargoyoso a vast pine forest, is ideal for camping and outdoor recreation with beautiful scenery and cool weather, because it dilereng Lawu.

    Who like walking or riding can seeked Tahura - Sukuh - Parks Grojogan Sewu through the forest and rural roads with travel time approximately 2 hours with beautiful scenery and the cool mountain air.

    In addition to pine trees (Pinus merkusii), Kina (Chinchona sp), Cale, Pampung (Uranthe javanica), Acacia (Acasia dekurens), Wood Betupuk, Replace (Quercus sp), Red Leaf and Ndok Puspa-ndokan (Glicosmis cochinensis).

    Shrubs in the area is dominated by Kerinyu Tahura (Eupatorium adoratum), being under-dominated plant reeds, ferns, elephant grass, and ferns kingkongan.

    There is also a type of plant plorot trusted by the community as medicinal plants that can be delivered.

    The types of fauna that have high conservation value and is often seen are:

    Leopard / Beetle (Panthera pardus)
    Deer (Muntiacus muncak)
    Apes gray long-tailed (Manaca fascicularis)
    Monitor lizard (Varanus salvator)
    Porcupine (Hystrix brachyura)
    and several types of birds

    rocky road in the area Tahura Ngargoyoso

    • The distance location of Surakarta Tahura Ngargoyoso 39 km and can be reached by four wheeled vehicles until Sukuh. The road condition is quite good, namely:
    • Mumbai - Karanganyar: within 25 km to the hotmix road facilities.
    • Karangpandan - Sukuh Temple: 9 km asphalt road, 3 km jalanaspal good condition, narrow road conditions are.
    • Sukuh - Tahura Ngargoyoso: 2 km along the gravel road.

    Sights around Tahura Ngargoyoso namely:
    • Sukuh Temple
    • Ceto Temple
    • Waterfall Grojogan Sewu
    • Campgrounds Tawangmangu
    • Sapta baths Tirta Pablengan
    • Warm water Cumpleng Beautiful
    • Argo Tea Tourism Kemuning

    Source: dinhut.jatengprov.go.id

    photo: ekonobi.blogspot.com

    photo: cubbyrecha.wordpress.com

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