South Sulawesi has becomes one of favorite destinations to go. To complete the travellers trip, the second biggest lake in south sulawesi is ready welcoming them with a huge pretty fresh panoramas. Tempe lake, local people called it. With a wide areas approximately 13,000 hectare, this object destination is flanked by three district, namely Wajo, Sidrap and Soppeng district where the Tempe Lake precisely located in Sengkang, Wajo District, South Sulawesi.

Tempe Lake has a wealth of freshwater fish were abundant, and since the first of this lake is the largest freshwater fish producer in Indonesia and even the world. This is expected because the location of the lake is located just above the Australian Plate with the Eurasian Plate. In addition, this lake also has several endemic species of freshwater fish which can not be found elsewhere. Several endemic species of fish also became an export commodity to Europe and America.

Besides there are many species of freshwater fish, at Tempe Lake you can also meet the uniqueness of others. In the middle of the lake you can meet hundreds of floating house owned by fishermen lined with decorated with colorful flags. From the top of the floating house, visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position, and also can find a variety of flower water as well as some rare bird species. These birds migrate from continent to continent to another, and Tempe Lake becomes a place for the birds. In addition, you can walk around to enjoy the beauty of nature by boat, while fishing.

Tempe lake biological richness is not only stunning, every August visitors can also see the unique local culture. Because, every August is held Maccera Tappareng (purify the lake) are characterized by cattle slaughtering led by the chairman of the local fishermen. In this case, visitors can see a variety of tourist attractions that are very interesting, like a traditional boat races, boat ornamental, election ana 'virgin (girl) and kallolona (youth) Land Wajo, Padendang (beating the mortar), performances of traditional music and dance bissu played by transvestites, and various other traditional performances.

Tempe Lake is located in the district of Tempe, Wajo (Sengkang), South Sulawesi. From the city of Makassar, you only took about 6 hours to get to Lake Tempe using four-wheel vehicles. Lake Tempe became one of the attractions are quite unique owned Indonesian nation. In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, it will certainly add to the knowledge of the natural wealth of Indonesia. If you want to explore Tempe Lake right now, prepare your self for a thousand beauty panoramas that will spoil your eyes!