Tanjung Gorango (Cape Gorango) will make you amazed by its beauty. It is situated between Gorua Village and Korago Village (North Morotai Sub-district). The landscape of Tanjung Gorango, blue ocean, and a stretch of white sand will make you linger spending time here. Tanjung Gorango is one of the attractions you can find in Morotai Island, North Maluku province.

The journey start from Daruba City, the capital of Morotai Island, to Tanjung Gorango is quite long, about 3 hours. There is no facilities in this location so you better bring your lunch. It is suggested rent a car to go to this place, because there is no public transportation over there. During the trip to this cape, you will enjoy the beauty of Morotai nature. When you reach Cape Gorango, your fatigue will gone and turn to passion to take pictures and explore around the site.

On the left side of Tanjung Gorango there are rocks, coral boulders and cliffs which beautify the landscape. During low tide, the stretch of white sand becomes wider. The shore is fairly shallow so it is safe for water play. The swish of waves creates relaxing atmosphere on this beach. However, this cape has big waves sometimes so you need to be careful.

Photo by: Pambapontar at http://indonesia-guide4u.blogspot.co.id/