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    Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, Laskar Pelangi, East Belitung

    Founded in early 2010, Andrea Hirata Words Museum is the first Indonesia’s literary museum. It is located at Jl Laskar Pelangi 10 Gantong, Belitong Island, Indonesia 33462. This unique and remote museum has become one of the most visited tourist venues with thousands of visitors every week from all over the world.

    Coming into this museum, visitors will be invited to travel the novel Laskar Pelangi. Starting from the trailer page after page until the best-selling novel turned into a film that is in demand in Indonesia. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata is located on Highway Laskar Pelangi 7, Gantong, East Belitung. Atmosphere presented novel Laskar Pelangi immediately felt when set foot in the front yard of the museum. The photos posted on the page such as the museum tells about the journey of literature that became one of community pride Belitung.

    Entrance into the museum and the atmosphere was increasingly felt. In this space, you can see photographs of the author with inspiring sentences. One is labeled "God's Dream for children hug your dreams". In addition, there are also excerpts from novels which have been published in various languages ​​this.

    Go deeper into, visitors will be greeted with a very comfortable room, complete with a table along with the books left lying on the table. In this room, also displayed photographs of scenes of the film Laskar Pelangi. Laskar Pelangi Covers published in various countries also adorn the walls of this room.

    The main room has become a liaison to spaces that are named based on the names of the characters in Laskar Pelangi. The first room is a space curls. In this space, visitors can see a snapshot of a novel depicting the figure of curls. Photos of the scene when curls parted with latitude becomes interesting scenery in this space. This photograph was taken from a film directed by Riri Reza.

    In the next room curls, there Latitude Lounge. Latitude is a smart figure to be proud of his friends. In this space, visitors can see photographs of latitude figures taken from the movie Laskar Pelangi. Among them is a photograph of latitude with his favorite bike and rode the current latitude photo with curls.

    In addition, there is one other area that is located a little apart by Space and Space Cross curly. The space is space Mahar. Mahar known as an eccentric who likes a variety of art forms. In this space, visitors can see photographs of the artists that inspired Mahar, one of which is Rhoma Irama.

    After passing Mahar space, visitors will get to the kitchen space. In this space, visitors will see a kitchen converted into a coffee shop. Warkop coffee porters, so the board affixed to the wall in this space. Here, visitors can order coffee as friends relaxing or chatting enjoyed the atmosphere of the museum.

    The museum was founded by the author of the novel Laskar Pelangi, Andrea Hirata. To get into the museum, which was inaugurated in November 2012, visitors are not charged an entrance fee. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata became the first literary museum and the only one in Indonesia. Visiting the museum can make visitors know how literature an important part of life. From this museum, visitors can get inspired to love literature, both in Indonesia and abroad.

    Article Source: http://www.indonesiakaya.com/jelajah...-andrea-hirata
    Photo Source: http://www.museumkataandreahirata.com/

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    this is the place where u can't spend 1 hour only, u should have at least 3-4 hour to discover all, maybe all. the best, awesome design, awesome color, awesome coffee (they sell signature coffee inside), and awesome word, written all over the place.

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    This post is likely where I got the most valuable data for my exploration.

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