Poncan Island Sibolga become very popular as tourist destination in Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra. The island is part of the town of Sibolga and has developed into a tourist destination that is quite advanced. The existing facilities on the island is quite complete.

Actually there are two Poncan Island Sibolga, Poncan Gadang and Poncan Ketek. Both islands located next to each other and can be reached in a short time using a speedboat. Besides the two islands, there are also two other islands are also in areas of Sibolga, namely Sarudik Island and Panjang Island.

Access to get these two islands was very easy. If departing from Medan city, have to travel overland as far as 350 kilometers requires a travel time of approximately nine hours. Furthermore, a trip to Poncan Island can be done using a speedboat available at the dock. Crossing to the island is quite cheap, only 15 thousand rupiahs per person.