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    Sandboarding At Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

    Photo Source: http://zhwart.xyz/blog/wisata/sandbo...la-yogyakarta/

    You may already know, even it maybe you have tried sanboarding on desert. It's a kind of exercise performed in the desert. The main gear is a skateboard. Yes, like a skateboard and surf boards But this destination offers you a funny sanboarding, the destination objects named Gumuk Pasir Pangkusumo.

    Indonesia is a country with a variety of topographical features very high. Of the ten classification of landform in the world are all in Indonesia. In fact, 8 of them exist in Yogyakarta. This is why DIY may be named as the province with the most complete in the world landforms.

    Starting from the appearance of the volcano Merapi in the north, the appearance Gunugkidul karst mountains, some major rivers, mountain fold in Imogiri, as well as the appearance of the coast in the south. One of the stunning coastal phenomenon in Indonesia is the presence of sand dunes on the south coast of Yogyakarta, precisely in Parangkusumo.

    Parangkusumo located in Yogyakarta, close to Parangtritis. On the beach, there expanse of desert stretching. The desert was formed mounds called dunes. Today, sandbanks Parangkusumo become a favorite of sports fans sandboarding. They wear skateboard and safety equipment such as helmets and safety hands and knees.

    The players hurtle sandboarding on sand dunes from a height of 5-7 meters! The entire body is going dirty with sand. But, it doesn't matter. You have to try, it will be fun!

    Article Source: http://www.jogja.co/serunya-sandboar...-parangkusumo/

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    Wow. Really interesting. Will it be alright with you if i quote some of your word in my blog?

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    yups! you're allowed

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