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Bangka Belitung has comeback with its beauty nature tourism object. Dermaga Kirana is one of nowadays popular spot to visited. This anchoring an artificial lake former vacuum vessel of tin, completed by ATV and rowboat perfectly makes your leisure. The object offers you beautiful scenery more than usually dock. You also can enjoy and take the moment with snail house (local people called it Rumah Keong) made of rattan.

The place is precisely located in front of Laskar Pelangi Replica Elementary School, Lenggang Village, Gantung Sub District, Blitung. The scenery of the dock that jutting into the sea around the Snail House makes the tourism object more complete to be captured.

Kirana Dock Belitung is one of new tourist attraction and still under constroction to delevop and manage the place to be Belitung tourism object. How beautiful place, isn't it? Let's take your bag and go there.