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    Cening Hill Fortress Lingga

    19 cannons arrayed neatly on a cement pad measures about half a meter. Most of them facing the North, some overlooking to the East side. Despite hundreds of years old, its still in good condition. Some of them even, still leaving a trail of carving of its manufacturing years and the symbol of the owner at the base of the cannon. That was the current condition of the Cening Hill Fortress, since in recent years has become one of the important historical site owned by the Goverment of the Lingga Regency. Situated on a high enough hill and has 32mx30m wide area,this Fortress is administravely located in Kampung Seranggung, District of Lingga. Very strategic position, from the top of this hill, you can be telescoped into all corners of Lingga , easily and freely. The existing literature mentioned, this fortress was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah III who ruled the Lingga Sultanate during 1761 until 1812. All the 19 cannons was not all have the same size and shape. But the longest cannon has a 2,80 meters an diameter of measuring 12 cm. By the locals, that cannon is often referred to ” Tupai Beradu Cannon.” The mention is probably more due to shape up the buffer that resembles the shape of the squirrel. The cannon, placed on the center side, flanked by two shorter sized cannon,known as the ” Putra Mahkota Cannon,” whose made expected around the year of 1797, according to the year listed in the base of the cannon. Most of the other cannon, there is a marked of ” VOC.” There is also labeled 1783. The size also varies, but is believed to made in the the Netherlands and partly made in Portugese. As a matter of naming, a local historian said that among the cannons there is also called as ” Putuh Putih Cannon.” Out of its historical matters if visit this fortress you will be amazed by the presence of the guns that still well maintained. Indeed, some improvements are still needed so that these historical sites can be magnet to attract the tourists, especially those who has a heritage tour hobby. Visitors themselves, if they are going to visit it, should bring enough food. There are no shops or stalls around the Fortress area. Ensure wide-brimmed hat, sun block, cameras, camcorders are in the default listing. Do not forget to wear a dress or a shirt made from cotton materials, so that easy to absorb sweat, because the weather is quite hot, especially when you visit there at midday.

    How To Get There :

    You can go to Cening Hill by car or Motorcycle. From the city center, could be travelled in about 20 minutes. Actual distance from the city to the hill of Cening only about five kilometers. Close enough if you start from the City of Daik, just drive your vehicle toward the south, specifially to the Jalan Istana Robat. When you find a Panglima Cening Road, turn to the left and follow that road untill about seven minutes. Up on the side of the road, stop the vehicle because you mean already close to the location.
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    I wanna go there, can you take me there along with you?

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    i have no idea about that,but you explore very well this beautiful place,i want to see this in my coming future.
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    That was the current condition of the Caning Hill Fortress, since in recent years has become one of the important historical site owned by the Government of the Lining Regency.

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