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    Touching the Water at the Resun Waterfall, Lingga

    The Resun Waterfall with crystal clear water , poured from the top, causing the noise when the waters touch a surfaces on the rocky bottom. Its just like has a spirit, the waters pounding fell never stop. Then flows calmly, flashing a greenish when exposed to sunlight that breaks through on the sidelines of shady trees. The view and atmosphere you will get if you step the foot to the waterfall named Resun, residing in Resun Village, North District of Lingga. Flanked by towering lush trees, the atmosphere in this waterfall is very cool. Touching the water that flows in the rock crevices at the bottom, step your foot on the footpath along the edge or just plunged immediately in the center its clear water.

    All are equally exciting and brings a reassuring and comfort sensation. Stand not less than 200 meters high, from the top of the water source to the bottom surface, Resun has seven levels of the pan entirely brownish black stone. The water was moving down quite rapidly, meet any space between the rocks. From the distance, looked like a white colour winding road. On either side of the back of the waterfall center is a visitors favourite bathing arena, there are some wooden gazebos with Sago leaf roof. Looks beautiful, exotic blend with natural surroundings. In the gazebo, you can sit, relaxed while pampering eye, looking from near the waterfall and the beautiful and natural scenery surroundings.This waterfall, beside having a beautiful scenery, has also a fairly adequate means of support. As the presence of small mushala standing right in front of the entrance to the waterfall. Not far from it, provided by the local government is intentionally provide comfort for the visitors. But there is no single cottage or bungalow that is built up around the location of the waterfall.

    How To Get There :

    There are two ways to reach Resun Waterfall, by sea and land. By land, from the city of Daik, point your vehicle toward the village of Resun. The distance from the city to the village of Resun about 13.5 KM. You can reach it with a four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles. The latency ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. If you choose this path, you certainly get more bonus because, during the journey to get there, you will going through the typical villages of Daik, respectively Kampung Mading, Panggak Darat, Kampung Padang, Desa Siaga, and the ends at the village of Resun. Of course, it has a different view offered compare to that usually encounter in Urban streets. As long as your eye could see, there are kampong houses which is either side are covered with salak plants, rubber plantations and durian.

    The Resun waterfall caould also be reached using a speedboat directly from the Port of Sri Bintan Pura Tanjung Pinang. Everyday, there is a regular schedule leading to the Village of Resun. But you must first stop to Pancur, the capital District of North Lingga. From the Port of Pancur, continue your journey use a speedboat which takes about 15 minutes. The price was Rp 25.000,- per personeach way. Arriving at the port of Resun, you can go to Resun Waterfall with motorcycles, cars or hire a motorcycles taxis.

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    wow what the amazing waterfall in Lingga,,i want to see it,you caputer the click greatly..
    same day taj mahal tour by train

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