Bali offers a unique and something different then the existence of a Tree House in Batu Dawa village, Kubu sub district, Karangasem district, will be a special place for you. Places that are commonly we hear or even visit such as Kuta beach, Bedugul, Tanah Lot or beach Tulamben and Amed in the region of East Bali, now comes a tourist attraction in Bali, the Tree House in Batu Dawa Karangasem could give the feel is different in the vacation experience you.

People began to recognize the attractions of Tree House in Karangasem as early as 2015, in the case where the Tree House has been long and becomes a private rest house, which is destined to get silence, peace in the midst of nature expanse of mountains and beautiful scenery. Actually, the owners are reluctant to open up this area to the public, but because of too many visitors, especially during holidays and weekends, then forced open too with the admission price of Rp 10,000 / person.

Starting from a visit a number of people who want to enjoy the nuances that are not mainstream, and then upload their travel experiences to the Tree House Karangasem in social media like instagram and facebook, the panorama is different, unique and special enough would invite the attention of many people. So this place is famous for teenagers and young people.

The location of the attraction Tree House Karangasem and located at the foot of Mount Agung village of Batu Dawa , which is the highest mountain in the island of Bali , can you imagine how you are on a plateau with a beautiful view of the mountain in front of the eyes and other things around a view of the hills and valleys presented beautiful and natural , and in the distance are views over the ocean beach Amed and Tulamben .

Enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains with all sorts of mixtures of natural scenery will certainly provide a different experience to enjoy your holiday with family dear . Tree House Karangasem attractions sangup provide a special treat for you . Plans to explore the region , especially East Bali regency of Karangasem Ataur tour event in Bali you because in addition there is the Tree House there are also attractions Tulamben , Amed , Tirtagangga , Taman Ujung Soekasada and also the beach Candidasa .

Attractions Tree House in Batu Dawa Karangasem's, located far from the crowd, because it is located on the hill foot of Mount Agung, with serenity and peace that is served, is expected for the visitors can feel peace of mind and body can refresh the atmosphere was really fresh and jaug of pollution. If you want to berkujung attractions in Bali this and want to feel the quietness and comfort more, visit on weekdays to avoid during the holidays or weekends, so you can more freely enjoy the atmosphere of the natural surroundings.

This place only has two tree houses, which covers about 9 square meters which can accommodate a maximum of 4-6 people, even the other smaller, if many visitors you need to queue in order to be at the top of the tree and enjoy the natural surroundings more freely , it is advisable to visit on weekdays only. To climb the tree house you have to pass through the drawbridge, was unique and interesting.

Not only the tree house is offered here , a stupa resembles a small pyramid temple there in the middle of this attraction , formed of dots of clay mixed with cement , it looks so unique . Rounded clay is characteristic of the material used to build a number of supporting facilities either the surrounding walls , pyramids and footpaths in the location of tourist attractions .

Various activities you can do in the Tree House Karangasem attractions , such as relaxing on the tree and admire the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and also berphoto ria with a wonderful view of Mount Agung atupun views of valleys, hills and beaches . Keep in mind this place , very guarded neighborhood beauty , naturalness and even sanctity to it for visitors is expected to always maintain the cleanliness and ethics courtesy visit.

If you are away from Kuta, either by using a car rental service in Bali or private vehicle , take the direction toward Karangasem , then continue the journey to the majors Singaraja ( highway district ) , after arriving at Tukad Abu Tulamben , there is a fork, then you turn left towards Batu Dawa Kaja village , about 6 km from the main highway you will arrive at the Tree House Karangasem . From Ngurah Rai need approximately 3 hours drive.

The streets leading to the location of the Tree House was quite uphill , along the way you can see a view of the valley , the river and the hills and the splendor of Mount Agung towering in the west , a trip that is not usual and provide valuable experience . Do hope you find the nameplate to the location of this attraction , because the tree house is not for commercial purposes , if you feel lost , ask people around , almost all the people around know the existence and location of the Tree House this Karangasem.

Karangasem itself is a district located in the East end of the island , has a number of attractions in Bali are quite popular as Besakih , Odyssey Submarine , Amed , Tulamben , Taman Ujung , Candidasa , Virgin Beach , Tenganan , Padangbai Tirtagangga even climb to Mount Agung , By way rental car or join a package tour in Bali , you need a few days to visit tourist spots such.