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    Jakarta Indonesia Travel Experiences

    Indonesia's Jakarta is a bustling city and noisy. The history of the city is derived from a small port at the mouth of the Ciliwung River Pajajaran Hindu kingdom in the fourteenth century. Listen to the reputation of island spices (Spice Island), the Portuguese came here and settled. Muslim leaders have brought Fatahilla troops to invade the terminal, killing the soldiers and sailors Portuguese renamed Sunda Kelapa port from the Jayakarta, meaning "resounding victory" to mark the defeat Hindu kingdom's foreign and alliances. The event took place at around 1527, marked the birth of the city of Jakarta.

    By the end of the sixteenth century, the merchants selling spices from Netherlands to this trade, and has ambitions to unify Malaysia and Indonesia as a nation to govern. Under colonial rule, the city of Jakarta was occupied and renamed Batavia in 1619. The Dutch made the colonial policy here on the 350 years since then. Until August 17, 1945, the first President of Indonesia, Mr. Soekarno declared Indonesia as a sovereign independent nation.


    Jakarta is located on the alluvial delta region in north Java Sea and year-round hot and humid temperatures. The people of the city come from the vicinity of Java as Sumatera, Bali and Sulawesi. Over many centuries, they still preserve the original culture of his people, and also to expand and develop our race with the other ethnic groups here have made a diverse population with the culture combined featured.

    Jakarta's Betawi civilization with the introduction and borrow the definition of other cultures such as Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish through many centuries has created a unique color, strange but interesting. Betawi life style today is expressed most clearly through music and how to organize people's weddings. The bride's wedding dress was inspired Betawi attire while China's bridesmaid dresses influenced the style of the Arabian and India. Along with cultural diversity is the diversity in religion. In Jakarta there are Muslims and all believers hill religion Christian believers. The dispute between the two religions have caused many problems for the city, both in terms of human losses and economic.

    Visit in Jakarta, one of the most interesting places are the museum. With a history and a culture like this, probably the museums in Jakarta has much to recommend to you. National Museum (National Museum) is one of the most impressive places, to bring you a cross-cutting vision of the history of the country. In addition, the remaining places on the island of Java is also very interesting worth exploring, from the colonial town of Bandung to the ancient Buddhist temple in Borobudur sacred.

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    jakarta is city has never sleep

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    jakarta is capital city of Indonesia ?? sorry i dont know.

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