Tiga Bidadari waterfall is one of natural destination that worth to be visited. Bidadari means angel, the name of Tiga Bidadari or three anges is taken from the myth that said about three beautiful women with long hair and had a bath in this waterfall.

Tiga Bidadari Waterfall is located in Daka Ino village, Wasile Timur sub-district. The access to reach this location is can be done by using two or four wheel drive, with the distance of 45 Kmfrom Buli airport. The distance from the main road to the location is about 3km, and it will better to aks local people to guide the path.

After arriving at the location, we have to trekking to the waterfall. Along the journey of your trekking, you will be presenting the magnificent view of greenish nuance with shady situation. Moreover, the expanding paddy field around the village is also stunning, with background of dramatic hills in here and there. This area is part of transmigration area from Java during 1980s that makes the plantation field looks like in Java.

Furthermore, the beauty of the waterfall becomes one of the best in North Maluku. This waterfall is consisting of lime stone with the height of 100 meter, and the widh of 8 meter at the top area, and 20 meter at the bottom. Visiting this place is great experience.