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Thread: Jara-Jara Beach

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    Jara-Jara Beach

    Jara - jara is a village located in Maba Utara district, Halmahera regency. Jara - jara has a long white sandy beach and it sparkling when exposed to sunlight. In addition to beauty of the beach, Jara jara is also have great wave that suitable for surfing.

    Jara jara is rich with marine life and extensive coral reefs. This beach is often visited by foreign tourists because there are many historical relics of World War II and the location is close to the center of Sail Morotai Island Indonesia (Morotai) 2012. Jara - jara can be reached via two routes; first, by taking the speedboat from Buli (3h), taking passenger ships (6 hours) (4x a week); second, climb aboard the passengers ship from Tobelo (4x a week).
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    Jara Jara Beach

    There is going to be an f150 meet at Pismo Beach this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. REspond to this thread or email me for more info.

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