Plum Island is also popular by the name of Plun Island; this island has tremendous view with area that covers around 19,27 hectar and it has sea garden that very stunning. Those who love diving and snorkeling, this place is very perfect to be visited.

The edge of the beach at this island has very fine white sandy beach. The fine sand is like walking along the velvet mat and it perfect to play at this place while enjoying the sunbathing. Moreover, if we are heading with packs of best friends, this place is suitable for having beach volley. Fishing is also the thing that you can do here, because there are various types of fishes like snapper, baraccuda, mackerel, grouper and more. Other endemic animal is also can be found here like crab and Maleo bird.

This island is still genuine and well preserved, with widh around 250m and lenghth for about 1 km. In October, this island will be very crowed by group of bats or local people said as Paniki. For those who love to stay longer, there are homestay that available for tourist who wants to enjoy the nuance.
The access to go to Plun Island is easy. We can use speedboat and it takes around 60 minute from Buli or about 30 minute from Maba city.