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    Kupakupa Beach, Halmahera

    Different with common beaches, Kupakupa is a beach that has banyan tree and ketapang leafy that grows along the coast. For those who love sport fun, canoeing and snorkeling at this beach is perfect, because the location that settled just like in a bay, make this beach has fairly calm sea currents. The beach is crowded in the visit during weekend and other holidays.

    The beach is located in Tobelo, West Halmahera. For those who want to stay at this beach, there are little lodges available for tourist; those little lodges are facilitated by a garden full of birds, butterflies and friendly cats friendly that make our visit become homier at Kupakupa. In case you are worry about your meal, you need not worry because the lodge is already well providing any traditional foods from Tobelo with affordable price.

    To reach this beach is can be done by using public transportation, Microlet, heading to Kao then take Ojek or motorcycle taxi to Kupakupa.
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    Small huts are facilitated by a garden full of birds, butterflies and friendly friendly cats that make our visit at Kupakupa homier become too great
    you should up some beautyful pictures

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