Komo Island is one of tourism object in Tobelo, North Halmahera. On Sunday, Komo beach become the busiest beach in North Halmahera, because there will be numbers of visitors coming to this place. Tourists around Tobelo always come and enjoy their vacation here because the location is near and easy to access.

Not far from this place, there are small islands like Rorangane, Tulang, Tagalaya and Bawole that also offers other unique natural beauty. Kumo Island is the best spot to see the beauty of the sun that set from the back of Mamua Mountain.

Kumo Island is one of islands group that settled in from of Tobelo city that can be reached within 6 minutes by using ketinting boat that located in Tobelo port, for the route of Tobelo-Kumo. If you want explore the whole island, it is better to take Ketinting boat that can load 6 passangers or just take speed boat.